Interesting Facts About Cricket

When it comes to cricket, you either love it or hate it. There is never an in-between in this game which is said to have originated in south-east England. Cricket is one of the games that has fans from across the globe despite being a unique game that is identified with certain countries such as India where it is treated as a religion. So what are some of the interesting facts about cricket?

The Second most popular game: Believe it or not, cricket is the second most loved sport in the world with over 2.5 billion fans. Who could ever think a bat and a ball could create an army of fans from all corners of the world!

Ladies first please!: If you thought women started playing cricket just a few years ago, you are very wrong. The first ever cricket world cup was by women back in 1973. The men's world cup followed two years later in 1975.

76 Extras:The highest extras in test cricket history were in the year 2007 when Pakistan gave a total of 76 extras against India in Bangalore. Amazing, right?

Highest runs in a single over: The highest runs to be conceded in a single game is 77. R. H Vance will go down in the history of cricket as the man who accomplished this during a game between Canterbury and Wellington.

Shortest test match ever: Sixty years ago, England played the shortest test match ever to win against West Indies in less than two days by 39 runs and an inning.

No show at Olympics: Cricket has been to the Olympics only once. This was in the 1990 Olympics in Athens. I bet you didn't know this!

Rule that has never changed: Since cricket began back in the 19th century, a lot has changed but one thing remains constant - the pitch. The length of the pitch remains the same at 22 yards and this is not about to change.

Highest ever dismissals: Mark Boucher might be one of the finest players the game has ever seen. The wicket-keeper has received 999 dismissals, the highest in the history of cricket.

I31 straight dot balls: Bapu Nadkarni, an Indian bowler once bowled a total of 131 dot balls against England. This was 21 overs in a row. Impressive, right?

Fastest ball: In World Cup in South Africa in 2003, Shoaib Akhtar, a Pakistani player bowled the delivery at 100.23 miles/ hr, the fastest witnessed in the history of cricket.

Attacking during a test match: Chris Gayle, one of the iconic cricket players in the world is the first ever player to hit a six off the first ball of a test match. Test matches can last up to five days but he did exactly the opposite. Oh and this took a cool 137 years to happen in 2012.

Most downloaded mobile game: Cricket Manager 2020 is the most downloaded cricket app right now. It's a great game to learn more about cricket. Read more about it here.

Best record ever: Wilfred Rhodes, an England player took a total 4, 204 wickets during his tenure in first class cricket. Wilfred is known for his dedication and talent.